Separation of the vehicle of our customers whose reservation is completed and not re-booking the same vehicle on the same date, having your vehicle ready in the car park before your plane lands, detailed cleaning of your vehicle before delivery, no washing fee at vehicle delivery, reasonable price guarantee among competitors, 24/7 interlocutor by our company.

•You can get a price quote online at www.enuygunkiralama.com.com and if you wish you can make a reservation in three simple steps. • Remember, if you make an early reservation, you will get much more economical prices! ! • You can make a reservation 24/7 by calling the call centre on +90 532 771 1997 - +90 552 38 38 38 38 .

• Your reservation is immediately forwarded to the relevant office and the most suitable vehicle is prepared for you. Your reservation information will be sent to you by e-mail. - Just go to the office with your reservation information. You will be greeted with a pageboard with your name on it in our offices with airport pick-up and your car will be delivered to you in the car park.

•At the end of your hire period, simply return with the vehicle to the station you have specified in advance. If the pick-up station and the return station are different, please consult the reservation officer for the one-way fee. For any questions and problems during the rental period, you can contact our authorised staff at the phone number provided to you.

• In case of change in flight time or flight cancellation, we must be informed by phone. If no information is given, your reservation will be cancelled.

• Our vehicles have theft insurance. The theft insurance is included in the rental price you pay. This insurance reduces the responsibility of the lessor in case of damage caused by the theft of the rented vehicle. If you do not take the necessary precautions regarding the theft, the company will claim all the damage from you. If the renter does not take precautions, he/she is obliged to pay the damage incurred. Our vehicles have accident-damage insurance. Accident-damage insurance is included in the rental price you pay. This insurance covers damages to the rented vehicle. Damages to tyres, headlights, windows, vehicle chassis, door locks or keys and towing fees are not covered by the accident damage insurance.

• Yes, as soon as your plane lands, the attendant who welcomes you with a pageboard with your name on it will accompany you to your car ready in the car park, complete your rental procedures and deliver your car.

• No. In the event of an accident, we do not claim any payment for the loss of work and loss of value of the vehicle in cases where you are not alcoholic, without a licence, use other than the person named in the contract and are not 100% at fault..

•Vehicle delivery takes place 24/7 at the points specified in the reservation.

• We try to send our customers the vehicle they have booked. However, if the vehicle you have booked arrives late or damaged, we send you an equivalent vehicle, taking into account the fuel and gear status of the vehicle you have chosen.

• In the event of an accident, you must contact us via the telephone numbers on the rental agreement. An accident and alcohol report must be kept immediately after the accident. You must inform us within 24 hours with these documents. Depending on the damage, a different vehicle that fits your contract can be provided by our company instead of vehicles that will extend the repair time.

•- The most suitable rental company applies a certain amount of provision from the credit card registered in the driver's name during vehicle delivery. This amount is stated below. For economy class vehicles : 500 ₺ For middle class vehicles : 750 ₺ For upper class vehicles : 2000 ₺ Note: Our customers living abroad who do not use a credit card; For economy class vehicles : 100 € For middle class vehicles : 150 € For upper class vehicles : 300 € deposit fee can be paid in cash.

• You can modify by calling our 24/7 call centre, on our website or mobile application. Vehicle change is made in accordance with the specified date. You will not be charged an extra fee for the reservation change.

• - No. After your vehicle is delivered by the company official, the car parking fee will be paid by us and you will continue your journey.

• Upon completion of the rental, your contract will be closed and your invoice will be issued and sent to your address by e-mail within seven working days at the latest. If you would like to receive your invoice to a different address or by courier, just specify this at the time of booking..
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